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CNTs transparent static conductive water-based coating dispersion
1, according to users of transparent conductive requirements, the coating can be used directly, or diluted with deionized water to use 0-1 times.
2, suitable for gravure coating, roller coating, spray coating and dip coating;
3, drying conditions: 70-80oC ~ 1min dried with hot air;
4, recommended wet film thickness: 10-12um. Construction dosage recommendation: 200m2/kg.

CNTs transparent static conductive water-based coating dispersion
CNTs with small diameter and high conductivity property, it is an ideal functional filler in transparent static conductive coating.
Due to stable physical and chemical properties of carbon nanotubes, so this coating has a permanent anti-static function, electrical properties will not decay.
Since the carbon nanotube conductive network strong anti-deformation ability, so this paint is suitable for electrostatic protection in plastic sheet, antistatic protection film and tape with very stable conductive properties.

Solid content (%) 8 - 12
Film-forming resin Waterborne Polyurethane
80% light transmittance and surface resistance (ohm) 105-106
Coating contains research grade carbon nanotubes content (%) 10
Coating Adhesion (grade), before Blister 4B
Coating Adhesion (grade), after Blister 5B
Coating pencil hardness HB
Coating viscosity (0 #, 30rpm, mPa-s) 10±2
Coating the surface tension 34-36 mN/m
Construction dosage recommendations 200m2/kg

Contains research grade 10wt% carbon Nanotubes - Coating result: transparent static conductive permanently.