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Dear Customer,

Why some of nanomaterial dispersion products can’t pass through large size mesh? For example: 20-30nm Si ethanol dispersion --see above picture.

Please review the attached picture above that can explain why 20-30nm Si dispersion can’t go through large mesh equipment.

  1. First glass tube, there is nothing
  2. Second glass tube, we poured the 5wt% dispersion 20-30nm silicon ethanol dispersion, you can see the liquid passing the glass tube wall  and sticking on it.
  3. Third glass tube, our lab shaked up the Si  material little bit, the Si liquid material cover the glass tube wall.

From the simple test, it completely explains why the 20-30nm silicon ethanol dispersion can’t pass the large mesh equipment.

The nanopowder Si 20-30nm material was made by Laser Synthesized method with only 20-30nm, and with huge specific surface area: SSA:~80-150m2/g. It has a strong adsorption force.

Many our customers have used the material for coating or mix the material with other materials and got a excellent result so far.